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WORKSHOP - In Tune and In Time

As Duke said, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing." But, what does that really mean? Being in tune helps relax the voice (and calm the mind) and being in time allows the authentic voice to come through naturally, like the speaking voice. We don't give much thought as to how we speak or phrase our speaking pattern. But, others who listen to us speak do. They learn our unique way of speaking. This is because we are relaxed and being our authentic self when speaking. When singing, the instrument (body) must be relaxed at all times. Once, in tune and in time the singer relaxes and is in the moment. Students will leave the workshop with tools to improve being in tune and in time. Benefits are becoming a better interpreter and improvisor and vocalist. Remember, you don't have to scat to be a jazz singer. But you do need to be in tune and in time.

Workshop 11-3p April 26th at the California Jazz Conservatory (aka Jazzschool) Click through for registration and information.